Monday, 5 October 2015

Is Your Partner The Right One?

Did you make the right decision being with the partner you’re now with, or should you have chosen differently? After a bit of thought, this is the best question I’ve come up with that might get close to providing an answer. It’s a question you don’t even have to ask out loud – just ask yourself quietly and honestly, and I think you’ll know.

One more thing before we get to the question, if you are parents, it’s important that you ask it without any children in mind – you have to pretend they never existed, because if you are to accurately get the true answer, you have to ask the question about your partner with it being intrinsically about them and them only.

The Question
If you could go back to the beginning of high school and live your life again, but you can resume that life journey with the retention of all you currently know, would you do everything you could to ensure that you eventually found and end up with the beloved you are currently with?

I'd say those that can positively and definitely answer 'yes' are probably the ones with no regrets, fully satisfied with the person they chose to be with. And those that answer 'no' are probably not with the right person, and appear to have deep regrets about who they’ve ended up with.

That's the kind of seat of the pants reality testing you're going to get when my book on love is ready for human consumption! J