Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Quick Thought On The Alton Towers Crash

Just listening to some chatter on Radio 2 about the ride that crashed at Alton Towers yesterday, with some guy suggesting that this accident will put off future customers from using theme parks. It might, but it should not. Crashes are extremely rare, and while unfortunate for those injured, they are anomalous breaks from normalcy that are likely to bring about extra checks and increased stringency in theme parks in the foreseeable future, and probably revised working protocols too. Far from this accident being a rational disincentive, the reality is that the foreseeable future is likely to be the safest time to take your family to a theme park. 

The other thing that came to my mind is that theme park rides are supposed to be about thrill-seeking - so all those who remain unaware that they are not now in more danger of crashing are presumably going to be going on rides in the near future with the spectre of crashing in the back of their minds, which presumably for some people will increase the thrill.