Thursday, 29 September 2016

Aston La Vista, Baby!

Have a look at this picture above, and see if you can guess what type of car this is. Believe it or not it's actually an Aston Martin. It hasn't sold at all well, because there wasn't much market demand for it (it sold fewer than 150 in two years).

So demand for this ugly duckling of a car was low, but the story goes deeper, because the reason Aston Martin put it on the market in the first place was nothing to do with demand - it was due to an EU directive that said all European car companies must adhere to a law which sees CO2 emission averaging 130g/km across the range of cars produced by the company.

So alongside the seat of the pants V8s (that do sell well), Aston Martin had to produce these tosserati mobiles (that didn't sell well) in order to get the average emissions down across their supplies. It's just one of many examples of the market demand being crassly distorted by EU regulations.

Brexit glee anyone?