Thursday, 14 May 2015

A Few Post-Election Thoughts

After returning from holiday I was as surprised as everyone else to see the Tories had won a majority against all expectations. Surprised, but very glad, because had Ed Miliband ended up as Prime Minister it would have been the most ill-judged and unjust outcome in recent political memory. Thankfully the public were even less persuaded by the direction he had taken Labour than pretty much every pollster and social commentator had accounted for.

Make no mistake about it, I very much doubt Labour's heavy loss was to do with Miliband's character (outside of the policies he seems like an okay guy), nor his ridiculous 8ft 6in slab of limestone stunt, nor his shameful and pathetic attempt to buy Muslim votes with his 'Islamophobia' promise. No, the party's disastrous result was pretty much entirely based on his abject failure of a social experiment to take the Labour party back to the old Labour of the socialist-economic left which hasn't won an election since 1974, and has long since been thoroughly and comprehensively discredited intellectually. This suggests that even a large section of the politically uninformed demographic are not so credulous as to fall for the kind of guff that Ed Miliband was trying to sell them.

Be reminded that the only time Labour has got anywhere in the general election since the notoriously inept days of the early seventies has been through Tony Blair's rebranded Thatcherite New Labour, from which Ed Miliband had thoroughly departed (in favour of his father's Marxist views) and to which his brother David had fervently gravitated. For reasons I explain here, I doubt this is the end of the Labour party, but it probably will take another rebranded Blair-esque shift before they can ever hope to get close to seeing any power again. It was telling that even in his resignation speech Ed Miliband was still championing the policies while lamenting the public's failure to connect with them. No Ed, it really was the policies that cost your party so much - and that you still can't see it even after such a palpable rejection of them is indicative of the extent of the delusion that underpinned your campaign.

When the results were in, it was good to see that brains were victorious over the metro-left's hideously anachronistic, meretricious, self-righteous envy that abhors success, innovation and wealth creation. Given the ineptitudes of the opposition parties, I'm glad that David Cameron and his Cabinet get to finish off the second half of the job they started, even though they are far from perfect themselves.

Lastly, if David Cameron keeps his promise of an EU referendum it will be a great chance to finally unyoke ourselves from the stuffy, bureaucratic socialist busybodies in Brussels and Strasbourg - an opportunity I'm pretty sure that the British people will, sadly, refuse to take when it is offered to them.

Regarding the other parties, here are a few other thoughts I had when assessing the election results.

* The next Labour party that will stand any chance of wining an election may well be one that even Ed Miliband wouldn't vote for.

* Although Nick Clegg seems to me to be not that likeable and a pretty disingenuous opportunist, it's a shame the Liberal Democrats (who are actually pretty far from being liberal) got so slaughtered as a result of going into government to help get our economy back on track. I'd like their next leader to be Norman Lamb - one of the best MPs around in my view.

UKIP are pretty much a one man show, and their members couldn't imagine anything but a declension if they'd have accepted Nigel Farage's resignation.

* It is a really disturbing and worrying fact that over 1 million people in the UK actually voted for the Green party - a party whose economic policies are worse than those of all the other parties put together. Weirdly the vast majority of people who voted Green are surely smarter individuals than the party's own representatives, and unlikely to support much of the tosh they put out, which makes their votes seem like lazy thinking.
Well done to the SNP for a well fought campaign. Now the sooner you expedite the independence of Scotland, the better.

* As for Plaid Cymru, all I can do is echo what everyone outside of Wales thinkszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!