Saturday, 16 June 2018

My Top 20 Exhilarating Things For The Mind To Master Before It Dies

In no particular order, my 20 things to take the time to master in life to attain an enriched & exhilarated mind:

1) Hume's distinction between causality and causation, and the fact that everything we know comes from experience

2) That mathematics is the territory and physics is the map, not the other way around

3) Aumann's Agreement Theorem

4) Price Theory

5) Applying nature's principles of natural selection and the law of parsimony to human applications of behaviour

6) Bastiat's principle of 'That Which is Seen and That Which is Not Seen'.

7) The nature of logic: that logic is derived from experience and arises out of our own conceptualising of the world

8) That everything to do with God is both a creation and a discovery

9) That the free will and determinism topic is not an 'either/or' proposition - it is a mathematical spectrum.

10) Harsanyi's Amnesia Principle

11) That morality is both objective and a human invention

12) The principles of Comparative Advantage

13) That competition and exchanges of goods, services and ideas are the primary things that drive progress

14) The Ideological Turing Test

15) The Coase Theorem and Pareto Efficiency

16) Which 'unequal outcome' situations are problems that need solving, and which are simply an aggregation of individual differences.

17) That physics and metaphysics seamlessly blend into one another's territories

18) The sorites paradox and its application to human ideas

19) The fundamental details that make up the great enrichment and the hockey stick of human progression

20) That the sovereignty, rights and liberties of the individual are primary over any group or association that individual has