Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Sometimes I Have The Nicest Fans

I got a nice comment today on one of my blogs on the misjudged minimum wage law…..

F**k you are a d**k – you wish to privilege rich f****rs earning sh**loads over poor people earning peanuts.

I thought I'd better say hello!

Dear Anonymous (commenters like you are always anonymous, aren’t you?),

Let me respond more charitably than you, by saying, actually, we do share the same goals (that the poor become more prosperous), we just differ on the best way of achieving this – and by ‘differ’ I mean out of the two of us we differ in the extent to which we have a basic grasp of the subject at hand.

I could explain all the ways the minimum wage is undesirable, but having already read that, you’re clearly not that interesting in knowing these things. All I’ll say, then, is that it is actually you who wishes to privilege rich f*****s because you want to endorse a state-mandated price floor that makes it more difficult for struggling people to get a job.

The best chance they have of becoming more prosperous is being denied by governmental legislation that prohibits them from bargaining to sell their labour at any price below the state-mandated price floor. By your logic, if caring about struggling people means making it harder for them to get a job, why not ask for the minimum wage to be even higher still – then you’ll ‘help out’ even more struggling people?

Yours Fraternally J